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Social Participation

In order to promote CSR , we has been putting its efforts in many ways in Taiwan. It showcases the pursuit of the Company’s goals of building a better society , and bringing warmth to the hearts of our citizens.

DALI will continue to invest in social participation. Each category of investment is divided by activity goals and cost. We evaluate the positive benefits generated from the investment, measure the impact of social participation to assist with the corporation in reasonable resource distribution, and review the benefits of the resource input, while at the same time meet the expectation of multiple stakeholders and create shared values.

In the future, we will evaluate to be founded the charity foundation or the education and culture foundation to make more contributions to society and enriches people’s spiritual life with our business philosophy.

On our path to sustainability, DALI continues to lead Taiwan’s construction development with its own professionalism and core strengths, and is committed to reciprocating to the society.

DALI is a longtime contributor to local community culture. It collaborates with local non profit groups and co-hosts many events, where residents can learn about ecology, culture and history through various activities. Through music, humanistic arts, and environmental education activity, local residents joined together with us to develop the local culture.