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Responsible Supply Chain

DALI is dedicated to driving a positive cycle in the industry and supply chain, and actively seeks collaboration with supplier partners. The Company contributes to the sustainable development of the supply chain to ensure a safe work environment, labor relations with respect and dignity, operation in line with code of ethics, and to facilitate environmental protection.The DALI Supplier Code of Conduct consistently sets the bar high for safe, respectful workplaces and environmental protections. The Code applies to our partners at all levels and must be upheld even when it exceeds local, regional, and country laws.DALI collaborates with its suppliers to implement the “Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy Meetings” every month.Through the meeting and conclusions, DALI leads the suppliers to continuously improve their economic, environmental and social sustainability to bring about positive change.

DALI strives to drive the industry and its supply chain into a positive cycle. To fulfil the Company’s commitment to a responsible supply chain, DALI takes concrete actions and implements the three guiding principles–Safe and healthy work environment
, Strength supplier emergency response drills, Quality and process enhancement. By doing so, DALI ensures that its supply chain provides a safe workplace, treats workers with respect and dignity, operates in line with code of ethics, and works to promote environmental protection.

We require our suppliers to treat their employees with dignity and respect. They must provide fair working hours, a safe workplace, and an environment free from discrimination. From day one, they must inform their employees of these rights and guarantee anonymous channels to voice concerns if they arise.

The engineering resume is a case from the beginning to the end of all experience. When the building is delivered to the buyer, This will be one of the important documents, in order to make the entire construction process more transparent,Its purpose is two points, one of Dali’s commitments to customers, in the process of working with these suppliers/partners, more original appearance to the buyer, Let future users know more about the entire construction process and feel our intentions;The second is Dalí’s expectations for the supply chain. A building is a team of many third-party manufacturers. Each manufacturer is responsible for each building.