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Sustainable Environment

We are committed to the introduction of various green engineering technologies, providing customers with professional new age constructions that meet environmental protection requirements, cost-effective and feasible ecological protection in terms of lands acquisition, products design, materials purchasing , construction stage. We aim to reduce engineering pollution and risks affecting human health and environmental damage, promote energy conservation, carbon reduction, pollution prevention, innovation, and enhance the green competitiveness of the industry, and eventually achieve a win-win situation for DALI, business partners, stakeholders, and the social environment. We will do our utmost to maintain a sustainable ecological environment.

We continue think more than others about that if there’s a potentially harmful substance in our constructions , we formulate a way to remove it, reduce it, or replace it with something safer. Materials are what make building constructions faster, tougher, and more beautiful. But they’re not all created equal. That’s why DALI does industry-leading work to ensure that the substances making up those materials are safe for the people who live in our buildings, for the people who build them, and for our planet. Some of the most innovative thinking at DALI goes toward building constructions with recycled and renewable materials, making sure those constructions last as long as possible, and recovering everything we can from them when they reach the end. By keeping materials in circulation, we get closer to ending our reliance on mining.

In the face of a changing global climate, DALI has not only strengthened its resilience to climate change, but also made preparations to lessen the possible impact disasters could have on operations and made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As declared in our CSR policy, responding to climate change is the responsibility of a sustainable business. DALI faces the harsh challenges of climate change in collaboration with business partners, academia, government, and all of society by continuing to use energy more efficiently and by using renewable energy. DALI strives to become a world leader in green constructions developer.

Addressing climate change is the Company’s responsibility and strategy toward sustainable operations. DALI watches the issues related to climate change closely, including how Taiwan and the international community react to the issues, so as to continue improving the Company’s ability to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Given that climate change could potentially affect operations and pose financial risk, we set a team to manage the risk, including Low-Carbon construction process.