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Innovation and Service

Innovation is one of our core values, and we have always worked toward the introduction and R&D of new construction technologies. To implement our innovative research and development in practice, DALI has established the Innovation R&D Center to look after the R&D needs for improvement of project processes, tools, and methods. Furthermore, we are the pioneer that have projects in the USA than other competitories in our industry. We learn our clients’ feedback and change process, talent innovations in cooperation with academic institutes, and green innovations with suppliers.

We has actively built a culture of innovation and a work environment encouraging more innovation that is finely tuned to the ever-changing characteristics of the real estate industry.
We not only have innovations of construction tech,but also in land development and projects positioning. We continous improve ourselves and bring new user experience.

Home buildings always are the largest consumer product of our whole life. Therefore, providing highest quality buildings and warm services are our objective.

Furthermore, we participate certifications including SGS and LEED etc. In 2018, we implement ISO system to control our documents logically.

Excellent product quality is not only the key to customer satisfaction, but also the cornerstone of sustainable enterprise management. In order to ensure product quality, in addition to establishing strict control mechanisms during the design and construction stages, it is even more important to establish a culture of quality in the company and to carry out the business philosophy of “Quality is the principle of our work and service” in our daily work, so that product quality can endure.

We have an all around service to our clients, including purchase stage,construction stage,contract closing stage and warranty stage. We get clients’ trust because our best user experiences and services, 24 hours a day , 365 days a year.

We stress customers’ feedback highly. For years, we have been collecting customers’ feedback based on “Customer Service Enhancement Regulations” in a timely fashion and proactively conducting customer satisfaction survey every month. Besides, a cross-departmental “Customers Services Feedback Group” coordinated was established to monitor and improve all process.