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Inclusive Workplace

Employees are our most valued and precious assets, and also are the strongest force in promoting any tasks of DALI. Under the core value of “Quality, Service, Innovation, Sustainability ,” we not only create a healthy and friendly working environment, but also provides a comprehensive welfare system and a competitive salary scale, attracting professionals to form a high-quality service team, to provide customers with highquality service and construction projects.

Character and qualifications are the most important criteria for talent selection at DALI. In order to ensure the quality of recruitment, we developed a set of selection criteria, including integrity, resilience, perseverance, initiative, innovation, judgment and etc. Besides professional skills, all applicants shall be evaluated by the selection criteria assessment and structured interviews to ensure we find the right people with shared vision and values.

DALI sets sustainable directions for employees’ learning development and people development. In terms of learning development, DALI accelerates organizational and employee growth to adapt to the changing environment and organizational growth needs. In terms of people development, the Company creates a continuous development environment for employees by generating managers and employees’ collaboration.

In addition, we emphasize the development and improvement of professional technology and management capabilities, as well as the inspiration from international partners and the cross-cultural study of local culture and talents; we will cultivate an international outlook and establish a global business perspective. DALI is committed to providing talents with a friendly, healthy workplace that they can learn, grow, and build their dream career.

DALI adheres to its core values and complies with standards and principles. DALI also strives to create harmonious employee relations and a high-involvement working environment to make sure that its own code of conduct is consistent with others. DALI has always placed great emphasis on human rights and is committed to protecting the human rights of its employees.

To closely monitor occupational safety and health, DALI established an organization with divided roles and responsibilities to meet the requests and expectations from stakeholders. Forthermore, DALI continued to promote its safety culture and improve risk management procedures, and also put efforts into strengthening the prevention of occupational diseases, working towards the goal of the safest and healthiest workplace.