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DALI Family

Do my best to our clients ,and earn honors for my enterprise.
Focus on business will bring sustainability come true.

     When My father once told me “Everything we do, must have long-term ambition and a sense of responsibility for our own decisions and actions.” These values greatly influence my business philosophy.

     Our goal is to harmonize architecture and the surrounding environment,allowing the two to co-exist. We create spaces sustainable for generations to come by merging home and nature and inspiring our team to take a sense of responsibility throughout every step of the development process.

Architecture is the foundation of culture. It presents the atmosphere of time and humanity. In other words, quality buildings form a quality corridor. Therefore, we integrate the technology and materials of architecture into the concept of modern living, let each element demonstrate honesty and simplicity, and make them a perfect foundation.

Chairman, Mr. Hsieh Chih-Chang