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About Baosin Construction

Always hold goodwill ,then create a better life. There is no short path to finishing a construction project, only one way “practical”.

The concept of “construction technology” includes five aspects: goodwill, detail, efficiency, quality, and creating a better life. Baosin is an industry leader, focusing on innovative construction methods that help to reduce and someday eliminate the use of hazardous substances commonly used in construction.

Combining effective team-work and the latest construction methods to deliver a quality product, while maintaining a sustainable ecosystem. “Baosin Construction” has become a strong working partner of “Dali Development”. In addition, “Baosin Construction” looks forward to working with other industry counterparts in developing long-lasting quality products.

Engineering Culture

Using 3D drawings to review the surface , the building’s appearance and internal structure, and stereoscopic perspective of the electromechanical pipeline, all through the latest simulative technology . Will help to improve construction qualities.

    • Regular quality inspections , monitoring the status of all projects, executive monthly internal evaluations, and performance reviews.
    • According to the SOP operating procedures, the engineering personnel will carry out the construction process, daily inspections, and examine the new project before construction to ensure uniform quality.
    • Being aware and paying attention to maintaining the safety of everyone and the environment on the site.

Construction technology has always been the most important aspect of construction for the Baosin team . Through observing overseas with international standards, utilizing advanced construction technology, building materials and construction methods, construction seminars held by the North-South-South Synchronous Connection, and experiencing the research and study will improve the overall quality of the team.